UPDATE: June 18, 2015

Due to technical difficulties the store is currently unavailable. Unsure when bundled packages will be available again.

UPDATE: Aug 15, 2014

DrawnToBondage.ca's old pinup content has now been bundled!

Though I know people would like me to make these smaller, sadly (or maybe not so sadly) the content is just so varied that it was easier to simply divide them into two separate packages if only because some themes just didn't have enough content to really warrant a bundle on it's own. There is now an assorted bundle and a warcraft bundle for you all to choose from!

UPDATE: Aug 3, 2014

You can now buy digital copies of DrawnToBondage.ca's old content!

That's right, people! A store has finally been set up and you don't require a subscription any more to get access to DtB.ca member content. I'm currently busy with dividing up the old pinups into themed bundles, but while you wait for that you can now purchase Weird Alchemy, Shades of Desire, and all 3 completed chapters of Zaela.

Just click on Store and see what's available for purchase.

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