DrawnToBondage.ca closed BUT NOT GONE!

So you might have noticed that you canít get any new subscriptions, or that your recurring one didnít renew. Well, if youíve been paying attention to my tumblr for the last month you might know why. Iím changing my business.

Now the questions arise: What is going to happen to DrawnToBondage.ca? Will the site be gone forever? What about the content?

Donít worry! Though DrawnToBondage.ca will no longer be a paysite accepting new membership the old content will still be up for purchase, and the free content will still be free to see right here. With the creation of FiresideDen.com and the introduction of an online store, DrawnToBondage.ca member pinups and comics will be sold in packages for those that are still interested in buying the content.

As for incomplete comics I canít guarantee their completion at this time, but should the latest chapters of Zaela and Tantric be completed it will definitely be announced here, and put up for sale in the store.

Finally, I want to send out a huge thank you to all my members that have supported me over the 7 years that Iíve run this site. The years have been difficult with many ups and downs, and though my update rates have fluctuated a lot I appreciate all the words of encouragement I have gotten from you all while I ran DrawnToBondage.ca. This was my job, this paid my bills, and I couldnít have done it without your help.

Again Thank You,

Robyn Lourie aka Ackanime

ē Members whose accounts are still active will still have access to the member section until their subscriptions run out.

ē Refunds will be issued out to those that have recently been charged a rebill on their recurring memberships, and those who purchased 2-mo and 3-mo subscriptions (that will not expire until into the New Year).


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